Sometime in the summer of 1985 George Alley was given a tape recorder and before the day ended he recorded his first song, “Put it In” an ode to putting pies in microwaves, and kids into Esprit sweaters. Fast forward 30 years and he's performed in electronic and punk bands, written scores for movies and commercials, and collaborated with recording artists such as Hearts of Darknesses, Naked Highway, Cenk Ergun, and members of Man Man. He's also known as the co-host of the top ten Itunes podcast, “I’m Going to Kill You” and a curator for the Philadelphia-based COLLAGE Festival.

For the past 5 years he has released a series of singles, including his new February 2017 single, "Just Leave Me Dreaming" which is now available on Itunes. Please visit the Media page for the accompanying video and look for his forthcoming album this year.